Alternative for KeepassXC

Today I have installed ZorinOS16.1 on my laptop. Therefore it was a Windows machine and I used Keepass together with Kee for integration with Brave. It worked all fine.

Since there is no Keepass for Linux I have to use KeepassXC that also can use Keepass DB and Key. There also a option for browser integration but I have to install an extention called KeepassXC for Chrome. To bad this extention doesn't work and I receive the error "key exchange was not successful" Nomatter what I do I can't get it to work. I also used the SNAP-package with a bash-script called "KeePassXC-Browser Helper Script" but no succes.

Now I'm looking for an alternative for Keepass and KeepassXC that has a browserintegration and can compatible with Keepass db and key-file.

Any ideas?

Don't use SNAP. Try

sudo apt install keepassxc

in the terminal.

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I tried but that doesn't work. I'm looking for a alternative application that can use keepass db and key + browser integration.

I don't think you'll find something that is compatible with Keepass db and the key-file, others will be using and built differently than using another companies.

I'm using Bitwarden and it's been working fine for me. I think you may have to switch programs completely rather than trying to use a bit of this and that. I can't see doing it that is good security wise either.

I have found a simple solution. I have deleted Brave and installed Firefox. With Firefox everthing is working like a charm.


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