Alternative mail client, also a Browser - SeaMonkey

You won't find this in any Software channel or any Synaptic Package Manager. You have to download it from here:

this is a compressed tar.gz file download at the top right of the projects page.
After downloading, extract the archive which creates a folder called SeaMonkey - go into the folder and find a cog with SeaMonkey. Double click on it to launch.
You can create a link to the cog and then drag the link to the desktop - only downside it launches an option as to how to run it - click on 'execute' and it will launch. To launch the email side of the application you need to go to the Window menu on the top menu bar of the browser and select 'Mail and Newsgroups' from the drop down menu. The mail client looks very similar to Thunderbird but without Mozilla and Google running the show!

Having just checked the about details it is a crafted version of mozilla and Firefox, but in one seamless application.


I use Geary for mail client for now, I was using Thunderbird before, and it's was good and solid, but seem to old UI, I prefer using more clean modern UI like Geary instead.
And will back again to Thunderbird if they has release new UI.

I never liked Geary as reminded me too much of Outlook 365 plus limited interface but as in all things "each to their own".


A Geary look like Outlook 365? I don't know what the similarity that you talking about, but for me Outlook 365 is far near from a simple UI, and it is really complicated UI like ribbon etc.
What I like on Geary is, they overs more clean and simple design UI (with limitation of course, but it's not matter), because what I need it just to read and send email, just it.
But in the end people have their "own flavor and choice".

Well maybe not 365 but when I first came across Geary on early Elementary OS and hated it because it mimicked Outlook at the time.

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