Alternative to vegas video

I got Vegas video v17 working in win11(vm), but I am looking for linux version. Does any one know similar software for linux?. Thanks. I try all of them from app store, but they do not even close to vegas.

Have you looked at DaVinci Resolve? Our church uses it for all their video editing for our online services and announcements. It is multi platform for Windoze, Mac and Linux.

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There's also Lightworks which many Hollywood movies have been using. It's not free and cost a monthly or yearly charge.

I am not professional video editor, just for fun. I like Vegas and I have been using for a years ( when need it). Downloaded the daVinci, but is missing some library, so I have to download them. I am not on the hurry - got too old for that.

Firts I had to download missing library's and then after install davinci telling me that my GPU is not supported. Works fine in win10. That sucks.

What GPU? Install the drivers.

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KDEnlive has often been touted as the Vegas of the Linux world:


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