Amazing! So Easy!

Hi all! Thankfully, I haven't needed to post a question in some time now.
Last night, just before I went to bed, I began the upgrade install, after getting the email that the new upgrade method was ready.
I clicked it and went to bed.
Tonight, I got home from work and thought, "Oh! My Zorin upgrade! I wonder what happened!"
I turned on my tv and it looked exactly the same! Yet.... different, somehow. But exactly how I left it, regardless. So I wondered if it even did anything. I clicked the upgrader and it said I had to reboot. So i thought, "oh, ok. I'll reboot and then it will start the install process."
I rebooted, and ..... It still looked the same. But I opened the upgrader again and it said I was up to date! Zorin 17, baby!

In the last few hours I have just had a quick look around and everything is just working! The computer feels exactly the same. No sluggishness (you know, like when you try and do an upgrade-install of Windows), no weird things happening. It just works! =)
The only thing is that it installed Libre Office again, so now I have 2. I;; have to remove it since the one I have from flathub is newer, but otherwise it seems perfect so far!! This has been the easiest OS install I have ever done! It rememebered my separate Home drive and everything, all with zero input from me at all!
And as a bonus, whatever else the new install did, GTA-V on Steam now works and that stupid game hasn't worked on linux for me since I first installed 16.1! Score!!

Anyway, I'd like to give a huge thank you to the Zorin Devs and Mods. Thank you for making me fall in love with computers all over again! :joy:



This makes me happy to hear, an upgrade so seamless, you didn't even know it happened! Absolutely amazing sir, I'm so pleased to hear it, and I am happy for you. :blush:


I think (could be wrong) you should have said ma'am, not sir! :wink:

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I know how that goes. Had to reset the router recently as could not log into it with my tp-link tether app so I thought I would downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It just goes to prove how much spying Microsoft does with your hardware. I had forgotten that I had installed Windows 7 with the onboard AMD graphics (or possibly nVida GT-710), and definitely no SoundBlaster card. Trying to say I had upgraded hardware 'recently' had no effect. Then you get asked for a Microsoft login. I remembered my long defunct hotmail account but couldn't remember the password. Then it asked if I had ever used Skype before, yes I had but could only remember two contacts and it was asking for three! Solution? I reinstalled Windows 7 from a Rescuezilla image and things are back to normal. I only use it to update my website. I can't be bothered to use CSS and .html. At 68 years of age, I don't want to start learning coding for web pages. I much prefer WYSYWIG web designing.


Nope! "Sir" was correct =)



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