Amd 7600 xt

So I pulled the trigger for a new graphics card a AMD 7600xt along with a Ryzen 7 5700x. I am not able to control fan speeds. During game play when temps reach a certain point the fans come on but just briefly. I am using Radeon profile along with AMD drivers not open source. I have tried both but no difference. Any help or insight?

I did some research and it looks like RDNA3 is not fully supported by Linux yet. Other users have had same issue with not being able to set fan speeds for there GPU. The threads I read shows the kernel blocking request to control fan speeds for RDNA GPU,s. So to avoid torching my GPU I will be stuck using windows. Maybe down the road this year it will be fixed.

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Modern graphics cards turn on the fans only at a certain temperature. That's expected behavior. This is done to reduce noise, reduce power consumption and increase the lifespan of the fans and the card itself (since there are less abrupt heating and cooling cycles, the chance of cracking the solder between the GPU and the PCB is reduced).

Forcing the fans to spin all the time is an awful decision. The card should operate at a comfortable temperature range. Too hot (above around 85ºC / 185ºF) is bad, but cooling down abruptly (around 40ºC / 104ºF, for example) after playing games is also bad.

My EVGA GTX 1070Ti SC, for example, turns on the fans only around 50ºC (122ºF) and tries to keep its temperature always between this and 82ºC (180ºF). I have also a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 570 4GB that only turns on the fans at around 60ºC (140ºF).

If your card is not getting too hot (I would say consistently above 80ºC / 176ºF), then there's nothing to worry about and it's working as expected. If it is, then I would say you should consider checking your case airflow or using the card's warranty, since there should be no need for the user to manually configure fan speeds.

That being said, RDNA3 GPUs are already working well with the kernel Zorin OS 17 uses (6.5), but support will improve over time. Kernel 6.8 will eventually come to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Zorin.

I agree mostly with you post and I should just let the GPU firmware do its job. But this is less than ideal. To not be able to set a fan curve causes concern for me. I had control over fans on a AMD 6600xt but that is RNDA2. So for now I will wait for full control for at least on setting a fan curve. Thank you for your post.