Amd drivers didnt install (i think)

My computer has two GPUs, the integrated amd graphics and dedicated amd graphics. When i run neoftetch, it returns the two names: GPU: AMD ATI 11:00.0 Device 164e and GPU: AMD ATI 11:00.0 Device 164e. Does that mean they have been installed correctly? In cpu-X they show up with the same names as in neoftetch.
My pc specs are r5 7600x and rx7900xtx.
Also, my monitor runs at 120Hz instead of 144Hz. Is that related to the above problem?

It sounds like the Neofetch and CPU-X apps are reporting a Driver in Use rather than detailed specs of the hardware. In which case, they are reporting the same information twice.

You can change your refresh rate using the Display Settings or using xrandr... Are you wanting to change it or questioning why it was automatically set to 120Hz?

Note that AMD Drivers are included with the OS Kernel. There is no need for AMD's Proprietary AMDGPU Pro drivers.

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