Amd-firmware isn't installed after upgrade from 16 pro to 17 pro

I used the upgrade tool very early in the lifecycle of zorinos17pro and now i get a bunch of errors while updating. Can somebody help me with installing the missing firmware amd 3500U and AMD ATI Readon Vega Series / Ra?
The problem is, that the battery of the pc gets drained very fast. like 1% per minute. But it isn't that old and the battery should be ok. I think the problem is the missing firmware.

Screenshots in my Dropbox: Dropbox

Update 4 hours later:
There was somebody on the forum who had the same problem as me with the missing amd drivers: Zorin 17 AMD GPU possible missing drivers
My problem is, that I don't know how to get the missing drivers and where to put them. Additionally I still got the problem with the very strong battery-drain. The battery used to last for about 8hours under windows, 5hours with zorin16pro and is now lasting for about 1 hour and some minutes.

Has somebody experienced something similar?