AMD GPU Not functioning

Hey there! I'm having an issue with my AMD GPU Not showing in System Monitor. The GPU is an AMD Radeon™ RX 6800S. Does this mean it is not being used at all, or do I need to toggle another setting to get it to show? I'd like to make sure it works properly before beginning graphically intensive workloads, be it video editing or gaming.

Are you using an Intel Integrated card with an AMD Dedicated GPU?

No, this is an ROG G14 running a Ryzen series processor as well as an AMD GPU. Any ideas?

AMD Ryzen Processors that lack the X or XT in their names have no integrated graphics. If you can identify your Ryzen chipset


You also can check your grpahics

sudo lshw -C video

If you have no integrated graphics, then your Radeon must be working...

Gotcha. I was unaware that my processor didn't have integrated graphics. Clearly my GPU is working if... you know... I can use my computer haha. Thanks!


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