AMD Graphic driver issue Zorin 17 Pro?

Why my Background looks so curious in Zorin 17 Pro? I have no colored background; maybe the reason is the driver of my AMD Radeon 780M integrated Graphics?
Any Idea?

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Radeon 780M is quite very new - I am not sure it is fully supported in Linux until AMD provides all the drivers for it to the Kernel team.
Have you tried upgrading the kernel to the latest 6. Kernel using the Mainline Installer?

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Normally it should be supported, but i tried the 6.4 and the 6.6 kernel, but nothing has changed.
If it's an issue, than it's a very small one, so we will see what will happen in the next time...

The grid pattern is an intentional part of the background styling on the Activities Overview.

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I thought it looked very similar to the background on the 12 Plymouth Screen.
Thanks for informing; I did not realize that this was intended theming.

Oh, sorry, i didn't know this up to now, thanks a lot for this information.
Merry Christmas,

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