AMD Link On Linux?

Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing well.

I tried to find this on Google. Is there a way to install AMD Link on Linux? I did go to AMD's website but they had nothing about the software. I got corectrl working by following the instructions on GitHub.

I will say this I am a hard worker but I am lazy. When I go out to clients I need to log in to my PC with AMD Link or similar software/app. I have an older Samsung J5 or something but she's good enough to operate my PC with.

Thank you. Have a Blessed Day.

I found this hope it may help.

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I can find no support for AMD Link for Linux. The closest I can find is Steam Link.

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steam(host)steam link(client), sunshine(host) for moonlight(client),anydesk,scrcpy.

Thank you. I did look up those. I actually need one that I can operate my PC from. Anydesk might work. I actually forgot about that. But my IP address change every day. I may set up a static IP address. The reason why I am not keen, I was hacked back in the day and my server+desktop has my work documents.

Was hoping Radmin are for Android but it's not. Let me try anydesk as I use it for remote support for work.
@Ocka. Thank you I actually got CoreCTRL for managing my GPU. My GPU at the moment are an RX 470 blower style so need to undervolt her. My big PC is parked for much-needed upgrades :smiling_face_with_tear:

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