AMD Ryzen 7 / NZXT N7 B550 - Zorin Pro 16 -- NO WiFi detected

Hey all - total NOOB here to both modern PC builds AND Zorin

I just completed my build and installed Zorin Pro 16

I have not yet connected to the internet and I am also checking with my MOBO manufacturer for suggestions.

Upon 1st launch (and many reboot) my MOBO bios clearly sees its own WiFi adapter (and yes I verified that it is enabled) however Zorin does not.


Can you please open a terminal with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+t
then paste into it
lshw -c network
Copy and paste the output here.

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Aside from the desired output: Any specifics on your WiFi adapter?
A similar problem I had with my new AMD Thinkpad occurred because the builtin WiFi (in my case Realtek RTL8852AE) is not (yet) supported by the drivers coming with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (and hence, Zorin OS 16).

How to check for driver support? i have a problem with realtek wifi as well

This thread is currently being populated by everyone except the O.P.

Can each of you please start a thread detailing what your system uses, the results of sudo lshw -c network and what your net symptoms are?

I've solved my problem before I even signed up here. Yet I felt it better not to recommend building and installing (more or less) random drivers from github to the general public, hence I asked OP for the specific WiFi adapter first.

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