AMD Sempron 145 for Zorin 16?

Hello guys,

I have a tower with this CPU

AMD Sempron 145 / 2.8 GHz processor


Zorin Will Run smooth with this processor?

Zorin 16

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I think the quickest thing is you try it out yourself.
There will not be that many people having this vintage CPU.

Just for your reference, I have a 10 years old HP mini netbook with Atom N550 (1.5 GHz) + 2GB RAM. Zorin Lite (64 bit) works at a reasonable speed on it.


Yes i need to try...if works with Windows 10...i think this Will Run.

I Will try and give a feedback


Other possibility of light weight Linux. LinuxLite can also run quite well on my HP mini (just testing at the moment). Not included in the list below, but MXLinux also runs well (tested while ago on the same machine).

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It is a 64bit processor with a decent speed. This should perform well, zorin 15.3 or zorin 16 beta. The bigger issues may be the amount of ram and what kind of storage you are using. Peripherals (including nics, video cards, sound cards and any other attached "card") are more an issue than processors or even motherboards, depending on the manufacturer and driver support.


Yes i agree with you.

Storage is 1tb 7200rpm ( bootleneck) slow disk.
The rest are built in on motherboard.


I dont like Mint (design and UI) works well but this design males me crazy.

For general purpose (internet, documents and bookkeeping) that hard drive won't be an issue. Even if you want to store and watch movies... but if you plan on gaming with that laptop, upgrade to a ssd. Even if you add it as secondary and install your games to that drive, not the entire os, it will be an improvement. Otherwise you shouldn't notice the lag much, if at all.

Just for normal usage, no gaming