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Currently I'm building a new pc with an AMD processor. I would use integrated graphics card. Would I face any problem with that? I'm going to dual boot with windows 10 for gaming and video editing work cause that's not really possible in Linux. Any recommendations or any thing else which I should do?
Valiant Boy

If gaming then you need a dedicated graphics card. Integrated graphics on motherboard is OK but limited. I don't game so can't advise on graphics card. Not exactly true about unable to game on Linux when there is Steam and Lutris. In terms of video editing you can't beat KDEnlive. It's what I use for my Vimeo account.

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I got my Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor with two 128-128 GB memory sticks and a AMD Radeon 6900 XT DirectX GPU. And my Entire PC was made by AMD support and I did the software tweaks. So, No Idea About anything going wrong with HardWare. I suggest you Hire a PC Building Company, Cause it will not cost me more to hiring someone so that the best hardware is installed perfectly :smiley:


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