AMD vs Nvidia GPUs

Which do you think is more likely to work better under Linux?

Less glitches, better performance, better integration with Linux. Etc.

Likely buying a new GPU soon and torn on which brand to get. Linux support is all I care about.

Isn't that a specific hardware issue, not the manufacturer?

Do not understand exactly what you mean. I am asking which brand typically has better Linux support.

I always go with high-end Asus Nvidia cards. Never failed me.
Most of my stuff is Asus :smiley:

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AMD Drivers are baked into the kernel now, NvIdia are proprietary and can be buggy if you are getting the latest & greatest or have an older card. 20x & 30x cards appear to be int he golden range though. And Nvidia support gets better and better.

Personally i prefer amd for linux, even if you are doing non gaming tasks you can install the amd_pro drivers.

To me, it seems as though AMD and Nvidia have reversed places.
AMD had good Linux support and Nvidia did not.

But today, Nvidia has much better Linux support while AMD has less.
Nvidia is a bit easier to troubleshoot and the drivers are easier to access and install.

My own position on this has shifted dramatically - to where I would now much prefer to deal with Nvidia than I would AMD.

Currently using an Nvidia card (GTX 1650 Super) and I just get little annoying issues here and there related to Nvidia.

But if I am trading little Nvidia issues for little AMD issues I would stick with Nvidia

i have asus gt 1030 2gb but in new pc going with amd rx 6600 sapphire pulse.

I am debating. I really want to get a DLSS capable GPU so I would prefer to stick with Nvidia. But good linux support would outweigh any feature

The good thing about the nvidia driver is you can switch between the drivers, where the AMD driver is builtin the kernel. Which means you have to switch kernels if the AMD driver doesn't work. It's a bless and a curse.

Well the solution is buying graphic card to your compatibility opeating system, where you get a long support.
Besides nvidia and amd out from sales older gpu to want people buying never version gpu with higher price.
DLLS i reading some games working and some not working and this is marketing tips and when this technology on paper but in real life it is lottery.
This is not first time when you have on paper information what example ram can working with 5000Mhz but motherboard and technology cannot do that.

I tester RX 6600 sapphire pulse 8gb. Working without problemem on Linux. In games stable 60 FPS all time.

It really is a complicated subject that has no “right” answer.

I am leaning Nvidia. But with the problems I’ve had with Nvidia I am thinking of trying AMD.

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