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Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if it is possible to delete a review from “Software” in Zorin OS. Unfortunately I wrote it, but I changed my mind about it.


Why not post it in ‘Feedback’ section of the forum? :wink:

Because it’s about an application and it’s nothing important. Anyway I solved it … Thanks!

The suspense is killilng me! What was the application? Please?! :crossed_fingers:

The application is U-Tube, which says “Free” License and then, after 15 days, asks you to pay for it if you want to continue using it … The application is not intuitive or even beautiful and they ask you for money …



Well I don’t think I’ve heard of that application - not all Linux Apps are free by 3rd party vendors - only the main repositories tend to have free software in them.
Have you tried SMPlayer as an alternative which has a YouTube viewing element within it?

I believe developers should get paid. It can be hard and stressful work, often thankless and inundated with complaints.

I like free stuff, too.

So free always comes at a price. I think most of us are willing to pay that price within reasonable limits:

  • Being advertised at.
  • Donating
  • Supporting with time and effort
  • Buying a premium product

But most of us are not willing to be tricked, deceived or misled.

On of the things I really like about the Zorin Homepage (Download page) is that there are no ads, no frills, no fluff. The Zorin page is a very honest page. It advertises itself - yes. But it does not mislead, spin or distort.
What Ultimate is, what it offers and what it has with it is Open and Direct. It really leaves no room for doubt. You have a Choice.

I like the lack of ads but if there were clean and reasonable ads- I would not mind, either. Supporting the developers with ad revenue would be fine with me.

What you describe with your experience with that app, Maurizio, is what I consider unethical behavior. How can we trust a product from a developer we cannot trust?


I gladly paid Zorin Ultimate … I liked the desktop and it was clear how much it would cost … But if there was a malicious interest now I wouldn’t be here to write to you now, you can rest assured … In UTube it is indicated “Free” and then lose all functions if, after two weeks, you do not pay but does not tell you openly.
One question: do you know when Zorin 16 will be released?

Thanks, Maurizio

This is an often asked question.
The Zorin Team has not set a release date.

It has been hinted at as end of the year, but be graceful, this could mean early next year if there are some teething things that need to be ironed out. :wink:

Thank you swarfendor437.

I’ve just had a similar experience with an add-on for Thunderbird - it’s not until you have installed the extension and you re-visit it after install it warns you that you have 4 weeks left before you start paying - so yes if there is software that wants to charge, do it but don’t do it on the pretense that it appears to be free when it isn’t - be honest, be open, be transparent - be piece of cling film!

This is techically true, but I contacted the Zorin Team @AZorin about it before this forum was created and they said that it would be released “closer to the end of this year”. This was on August 4.

That seems very reasonable; I agree. My question is that If I go ahead & purchase Ultimate (very willing to do) will I then be able to connect to my network? I’ve been in touch w/ a Help desk but they want me to connect with ethernet (& that’s a big hiccup for me). Granted it was my bad installing Zorin Lite to replace windows entirely (rather than keeping both). Suggestions? Is it possible to get the ‘new’ (old) cpu connected at all (apart from the manual connection suggested by the Help Desk)?

Zorin OS does not have any “locked features” that are then “unlocked” by choosing Zorin Ultimate. Zorin Ultimate does contain a lot of additional software that are expertly meshed into the OS, saving a user from a lot of headache of trying to install them and allowing the user to explore apps they may have otherwise never considered before. Choosing Ultimate supports development as it helps cover Server Costs and funding.

I have wiped Win 7 or Win10 off all my computers here that I installed Zorin on.

Connecting to ethernet may be a method of temporarily gaining access to the net in order to download updates or software to help resolve missing wifi.
I am not sure as I do not have enough details available about your situation.
In this thread: No WiFi Adapter Found
you asked about it directly. Let’s try some more troubleshooting there and see what comes up.