An issue with playing "Counter Strike Global Offensive"

Hello friends,

I am encountering a problem for few days. I just have started playing "Counter Strike Global Offensive" from Steam. But strange this game crashes my computer, sometimes it getting freezes. This issue occurs only playing this game. I am telling this because I have tried playing other games on Steam, at that time Steam performs fine.

I cant understand why the problem is starting when I play Counter strike. Can someone help here? Thank you in advance

If it's only Counter Strike that crashes, you better take it to their support forum, as it seems to be a problem with their game and not your computer.

You tag this thread as a Windows problem. You know this is a Linux forum for the Zorin OS?

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Okay Storm, i know its a Zorin OS forum, actually I have seen a topic about the Counter Strike at this forum, so I posted here. Anyway, thank you

Hello :))
Could you please tell us your GPU manufacturer and model?
Also have you had trouble running other source engine games(Half-life/Portal/Team Fortress/...) ?
I assume you are running Zorin 15.3 core. Any additional details that you may provide will help us help you more.

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No problem, good luck.

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 - DDR6- 8GB and Zorin 15.3 lite has installed. I hope the problem is not arising for Zorin and also my PC configuration is fine. Hope the main culprit is present on the game. :sweat_smile:

I'm not sure if Z15 support such new cards? Is nvidia driver 465 available on Z15? If not you might try Z16 beta. I uses myself Z16 so I can't check it.

Try running the game with the -nojoy launch option.

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Hi Joel, except Steam, have you tried to play any other games on your PC? And then how about your PC condition?

You could also try changing the version of proton to find stability if you're having issues. It depends on your computers configuration so there is no recommended setting to go by. You will have to go through each one till you find one that doesn't cause your system to crash.

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Yes, I did not mention here this issue that except Steam, my computer is crashing and sometimes it freezes while playing other games. I checked out the device driver that was updated. I cant understand what should do.

Oh okay. Earlier you mentioned that only csgo crashes so I was thinking of other solutions. It seems that the issue is with the Graphics Card driver. Try following the steps found at the Top Solution here and try to install the driver for your GPU. Let us know if it helps you.

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Hi Joel, after quick googling found a post about your issue. You can go ahead with this, hope you will be able to solve your issue.

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Thank you so much all of you for your enormous help. :pray:

Would you mind sharing your solution so that others with this issue will have a reference to what may work to resolve the same or similar issues?


Actually, the device driver was not updated. After checking properly and updating the problem got solved. I played almost 1-2 hours continuously, there was no crashing.

I also cleaned up the all temp file. Sometimes it may cause for crashing computer. Now I enjoy playing games. Thank you so much everyone.

Have a great day! :pray:

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