An Open Note to users about ChatGPT

It has become more common that users report attempting to use ChatGPT to resolve Zorin OS issues.

It is interesting to note, that the algorithms in use by Video Games (playing against the computer) etc has been called "A.I." since as early as the 1980's. It has always been a marketing gimmick, not an actual scientific definition of Artificial Intelligence.

Todays ChatGPT goes far beyond the early computers calculating game move statistics. Even so, these software are still Unintelligent. ChatGPT can amalgamate a lot of data and reproduce others work in crafty detail. But it is unable to think an answer through or consider consequences of its answers.

ChatGPT can sound very confident while leading you down into the abyss with inaccurate, misleading or even flat out wrong information. While it can amaze and entertain...

It cannot be trusted to provide you with safe Terminal Commands.

If you come to the forum having tried GPT to overcome an issue, please copy your ChatGPT history and include it with your problem description.

This can be very helpful in sorting out what went wrong where and efficiently save time troubleshooting.