Anbox may be better option than Android-x86 boot for Android games and apps?

I shrank my Windows partition down and frankly no longer use it. Then I have a free area dev/sda6 (in fat32) for Android-x86 once I know how to set it up on the partition. I read about chainloading but honestly I'm a noob and quite lost. I'm not sure I even have to chainload.

What's difficult is when things are stated such as "download to X" when it gives no graphics what that even means and I am ashamed to admit I haven't much mind or time to learn all the jargon or know how to set up GRUB as even the idea scares me and makes me think I will crash my laptop. But if I have definite instructions or assistance I will follow it to the T.

I did find this article on Anbox and it doesn't necessitate making a dual/multiple partition. Perhaps this is a better way to go about it. I will try this and see if it works.

Perhaps this slant article will help you decide:

For how to this article pretty well covers it for Anbox:


Thank you. I apologize for the late reply.

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