Anbox problem

hey i am using anbox emulator for running android apps my apks are working properly but when i install play store apk it does'nt works properly so anyone can help me how to easily set playstore in anbox

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PlayStore is Proprietary for Google. It will not work in Anbox.

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Hi @zsarthak99!
Maybe you could try using aurora store, from the f-droid repository. Just so you know, I never used anbox or aurora store, so I have no pratical knowledge in this. But it seems a way you could try using "play store" on anbox.

See if waydroid is any better:


That is untrue.
GeeksR'Us has made scripts and guides on re-imaging anbox with the Google Play Store.

Ah, thanks for clarifying that. I did not know that anything has been done about that sdk.
I had checked this out sometime back trying to get Boom Beach on an Android emulator... But it required Google Play.

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