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HEY I WANT TO USE ANDROID apps on my zorin is there any software like bluestacks (for windows) i want to use basic apps and games of android and please send some guide for setting up that software

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Here's what I found doing a simple Google search.....


Interesting that the 3-4 different programs mentioned there in the article all require Snap to be installed in order to run otherwise I would be willing to give it a try .... thanks for the find

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Very interesting article and it looks like hope for those of us that don't use Wine ..... soon as I have time I will check this out much closer and give it a try .... there are a lot of APK's that have very good apps that would be useful on Zorin but I think the website also mentioned that not all would work ...... one would just have to test them to see ....

Thanks swarfendor437 ....

If I'm correct waydroid runs android 11. So if the apk's are up to date they should be able to run normally as on one's phone or tablet.
There was a tutorial on this, see here;

I use a diff kinda option to run apks. What I do is extract all the files from the android x86 iso and run the Android OS directly from my harddrive. This is possible if you adust the /etc/grub.d/40_custom file and adjust grub.
Of course this will work if your cpu and gpu are capable to do so.

Lately I've been testing PrimeOS, looks like this:

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:rofl: :rofl: ...... Sorry sir but all that info is way above my paygrade but I'm glad it works for you ....

By the way I loved your icons on you new desktop theme .... when you going to start publishing them so us mere mortals can use them .... :+1: :heart_eyes:

Well it appears this is in answer to another post but somehow it got rerouted and ended up here and I don't know how to put it in the right post ..... SORRY

Frog, I do admit that extracting iso's and testing to see if the cpu and gpu is capable to run such, takes some effort and practice.

I see a lot of post on the forum while people are struggling using usb pendrives and such for running an OS. But most of the Linux iso (especially ubuntu's) can just run fine and directly from the harddrive while the iso is still intact. I have a partition and folder especially dedicated to this to run and test iso's. So I don't even bother using applications like rufus, balena etcher etc etc. But still this is only possible with a grub bootfile so Linux has to be installed in order to use the grub file.

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Just finished testing BlissOS x86_x64 androidOS. Couldn't get their previous version to work but this version (11.14) seems to work perfect for my pc.

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did you install it on zorin

No, did not. Like mentions above. I extract the iso and run the bootfiles straight from form my harddisk using the grubfile. Still it all runs because my cpu and gpu are compatible. Its all try and error.

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