Android: The google-less experience


I have never had any success running adb inside of GNU/Linux. When I needed to install /e/OS onto 1+ 3 I could only do it from Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

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What version are you using?? I had to download the newest version in Zorin - not apt, but just have to use ./ at the beginning of the commands. Did have to make adb and fastboot files executable. Also install libusb-dev - did you add your user in Zorin to the dialout group? Did that as well so I didn't have any issues pushing images and all.

It was quite a while ago, so whatever version of adb that was available at the time.
It was just easier to sideload in Windows 7 64-bit. The only downside is that I had to go into developer mode and now it no longer exists so get the warning that the phone is not secure! I only use it for internet usage, not calls (it is simless).

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Weird! After fiddling with the dialout group, I stopped getting errors lol guess that was the problem. Had the same issues across SPFlashTool, Chrome browser installer for Pixels, Chirp, and Ubuntu Touch installer. But, all of the newer phones I have rooted throw that status on boot - I don't remember seeing that with Pie9.0 :thinking: but, that's been a while.. and might be wrong.. :joy: