Anki app: How to install it?


I’d like to install Anki application.

In the Software “store” there are two applications about Anki.
I’ve tried both of them without any success.

So, I’ve tried to install it via the website of Anki
The app was running but the /var log was being filled with Anki errors up to not having any space left, 300GB of errors! Thus, I deleted the app.

Do you know how I could safely install the app? Is there anything else I should be doing after installing the app from the store?

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If you haven’t installed it already, first install Synaptic Package Manager via the terminal (Ctrl+ Alt+ T) then:

sudo apt-get install synaptic

You will need to supply your login password to elevate to ‘root’ (administrator).

Then launch synaptic (you may need to give your password if you close the terminal), search for anki, right-click the little box to the left and from the context menu select ‘Mark for installation’ then click on ‘Apply’ button:

Thank you for your quick response.

I’ve just done what you describe by first uninstalling the app.

The app is installed but when I click on the logo, nothing happens. The app does not open.
Screenshot from 2020-09-26 17-21-21

Hi, have you got your software sources for installs/updates set to Main Server instead of your country / locale server? Remove using Synaptic Package Manager - right-click and mark for removal.

You might want to download the unofficial manual too while you are at it.

I’ve just completely remove the app, switched to Main Server, and downloaded the manual. Thank you.
Unfortunately, it still does not run.

Is it maybe because something is missing?

It’s the only application that does not run properly.

What happens in you try to run Anki from terminal?

I get this message:

Could you please try running the following in terminal

sudo apt install python3-distutils -y

Then reboot and try to load Anki again and let us know what happens.


For future reference when updating in the terminal enter:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

The latter command looks at what dependencies are needed for apps to run against the current kernel installed - it does not mean distribution upgrade. :wink:

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Thank you for the extra information :slight_smile: