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Annoying spinning cursor when launch some applications from taskbar but not through start menu

Yes, that's exactly it. Actually, the situation is very easy to reproduce for everyone who have zorin os 16 core

Check that example. He opened firefox thought start menu. But if he create firefox desktop shortcut and open from there, he dont get spinning cursor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To remove it, you would need to extract the gresource file from the Zorin OS theme you use, then change the property for the spinner, then recompile the gresource file. It can be done, but is not Novice.

You may try a shortcut - elevate to root, then go to /usr/share/themes/ and find the Zorin Theme you use. Copy it to ~/.themes
If you do not have a .themes file, just create one.
Right click the file and select Properties then Permissions and change the ownership to Your Username from root. Be sure to click "Apply to contained folders"
Once done, go into the folder named gnome-shell and delete the "process-working.svg" file.
To make it easier to identify, you might rename the them to "Zorin-home-theme"

Now open tweaks and select the gtk theme (zorin-home-theme if you renamed it) and test if the spinner appears.

I tried but is hard to do that. No problem dudes. Thx for your help anyway!

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