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I have read and heard that an antivirus is not really necessary to run on a Linux OS but what about a fire wall? I looked in the App Store but did not see anything that looked like a firewall. If one is available, does anyone know its name? Thanks.

Yes, UFW comes preinstalled with Zorin. The GUI manager for it is GUFW.
Uncomplicated FireWall - and it lives up to its name, too.

You can find the setting for it under Settings > Network > Firewall Configuration
In Zorin OS Core or Pro.

For Zorin OS Lite or Zorin OS Pro Lite, open the App menu and type in gufw and it will be offered up.

To use it, you need only enable it.

Sometimes, when you add certain software like Zorin Connect(Or KDE-Connect for Zorin OS Lite users), you need to allow the application in UFW.
If you have trouble with the Connect app,
open a terminal and run

sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp

sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/tcp

Other applications will need different ports depending on the app.

Well, this is good to know. I'm running Zorin 16.1 core, so I should be okay. There is a lot to get used to having run Windows so long. Thanks a lot for the info. Have a great day.

There really is. During my transition from Windows to Linux, it was a veritable nightmare... for everyone that had to put up with me.

There is no going back, now, though. Going back to Windows would be like trading in the Ford F-250 for a Radio Flyer wagon.

Linux is not entirely immune to malware, it's just that it's less targeted than Windows/MacOS due to its popularity.

I have ClamAV installed but run it manually on downloaded files, rather than having it monitoring in real time on the background. I simply apply try to apply some common sense and not click random links on the internet, even emails. Analyzing downloaded files before opening them is a plus to be extra safe.

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Use clam AV to check email as if you forwarded an email that was infected to a friend who uses Windows they might no longer be your friend!

The other security you should have installed are anti-rootkit software, namely rkhunter and chkrootkit.


I will look up and try clam av, rkhunter and chrootkit.
Thanks for the info.

How to use ClamAV here:

Useful guide for chkrootkit here:

rkhunter guide here:

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