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Are they necessary? One of the features Zorin OS advertises is that it’s “resistant to viruses” thanks to advanced security features. Yet some antivirus software are compatible with Linux. What’s the point of them if the OS itself already does the job they’re doing?

Antivirus software is not necessary for most desktop computer users in Zorin OS because of the advanced security features of Linux and the inherently more secure development model of Open Source software.

In order to stay safe from security threats, we would always recommend you to install the latest updates from the Software Updater. This will make sure that you have the latest security patches to avoid any known vulnerabilities.

However, to scan if your computer has malware for other platforms like Windows, you can install a malware scanner called ClamTk from the Software store in Zorin OS (open the Zorin menu > Software > search & install “ClamTk”).
If you want to be more certain that you can’t run any Linux-affecting and cross-platform malware, there are some tools like ESET NOD32 for example.

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Honestly, the malware “market” is mostly focused on Windows 10 users (after all, Microsoft’s system is more used). Think like this: If you are a malware developer and looking to reach a larger number of people, you will focus on the system that is most used. Therefore, I believe that there is very little malicious software on Linux (desktop). Now on the server side, the story is different. Therefore, I believe that using antivirus on Linux is a futility.

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It’s good to have … I recently read about a malware called ‘Lucifer’ that now threatens Linux users …

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I posted a link from a certified Linux pro on 10 things to do post-install on Linux and one was to install ClamAV - I also posted on the old forum that the lead member of our local Linux User Group runs ClamAV on a schedule in respect of his server. I also posted across a Security thread about ransomware that targets both Windows and Linux and has been active since October last year.

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You may be able to help me to resolve a dispute, then.
I was recently told that ClamAV is a Placebo and shown the following chart:

I suspect that there is more to it than meets the eye.


ClamAV is currently at version 0.102.4 so that chart is out of date for starters.

One should also remember to install rkhunter and chkrootkit

I use Sophos. The free version has no GUI, but it is pretty easy to install and command from the terminal. I just have all my favourite commands on a spreadsheet that I copy and paste to the terminal.

Like above, there aren’t a lot of viruses in linux, but if you share files with windows users you might want to scan them to avoid passsing on a virus.


If you want to be really secure as advised to me (but I think someone believes I have spent enough on IT this year!):

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You should know, that the most secure setup, is the one that doesn’t connect to the internet. :wink:

Having said that however, while it is true that Windows 10 users are at the highest risk, not only because most people use Windows 10, but because Microsoft designed their OS to be malware central for hackers, and them alike, but any OS can be hit.

Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, all of them can be hacked. All of them can get virus’s, all of them could be hit by ransomware. It is only in the minds of the ignorant, to believe that their OS is completely safe.

Back in 1912, people thought Titanic was unsinkable, were they ever taught a lesson they would never forget! At the end of the day, if your machine connects to the net, it needs to be protected.

I do use ClamAV, and it came with Zorin Ultimate, so why not. Just use some anti-virus, it makes you feel better at the end of the day. :sunglasses:

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good thing, I always checking for updates of security in my desktop.

I don't think that we need antivirus after windows the last update everything has changed. I think windows defender is more powerful to cope with the virus provided you have normal nature of work.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.
I still have a lifetime subscription for MalwareByte but stop using it for a couple of years now. Indeed, the Windows Defender changed everything - at least for my bank balance :wink:

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