EsetNod32 and Zorin 15.3 will it work?

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I used EsetNod32 on my dual boot (Win10/Zorin 12) with EsetNod32 installed on Win10. I now upgraded to Zorin Ultimate 15.3 and wanted to install EsetNod32 on to Zorin. Contacted Eset and was asked to run a terminal command which I did (they did ask for a screenshot which not sure how to do). As my subscription to Eset was due for renewal I was contacted by Eset Sales in Australia. Explained what I had done and was waiting for a reply from their techie (waited 3days). About 10 minutes later I received a brief message from the techie saying 'EsetNod32 doesn't work on Zorin. That was it! which sounds like sour grapes to me (why ask me to run a command and send him the results if it doesn't work?). Does anyone know if you can install EsetNod32 on Zorin 15.3? Secondly, does anyone use Zorin for internet banking, if so what protection do they use?

If it'll work on Ubuntu 18.04, which zorin 15.3 is based, then it'll work on zorin. You may have to install wine, including 32 bit libraries. This should not be that big of an issue though since you control what is installed, and with the built in firewall, antivirus is almost unneeded on Linux, specifically zorin. If you want and are really worried about it you can easily install the free clamAV or SOPHOS... both free and reputable.

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The tech could not be bothered.

Esetnod32 is available and will work on Zorin.

What the heck? I know about Eset, so I know its quality paid anti virus software. Part of what you are paying for, is the tech support. For the tech to treat you like that, is totally unacceptable!

I was honestly considering going with Eset for some quality anti virus software for Linux, considering how easily I got a Windows Trojan virus in my Wine folder months back.

I just couldn't justify the money for it. So, I am hoping that the Zorin developers, Aravisian, or Carmar, are able to help you.

Actually, reading the page; it looks like they only offer Eset for Linux in 32bit. This means 32 bit libraries need to be installed for it. It lists several needed.

I use ESET and I had no trouble installing it.
[Download antivirus protection for Linux | ESET]
only need to set right click then select and click properties click permissions give a check mark execute: allow executing file as program


O.K. will give it try.Thanks.

Thanks, did that, then double clicked on the download nothing happens, suspect I'm not doing correctly?

Thanks,techie did come back with a website to go to, do not have enough experience to fix first line failure. Link is [KB3723] I cannot run ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop on Ubuntu 15.04 or other systemd-based Linux distributions for anyone who may be having same problem.

Thanks, will check it out.

Thanks will have a go with installing Wine and 32bit libraries. If all else fails will re-install Windows and have a dual boot system.

It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that ESET would then only work on WINE and addressing what appears to be Windows- while doing nothing for your Linux build.

I thought ESET made a version that was for Linux natively? And I thought they were trying to install the Linux version. Cause your not going to get a version made for Windows to work on Linux, requirements for the 2-different OS's conflict with each other.

I've been using ESET on Zorin 15.3 and now 16 beta for some time on my laptop and desktop and the only alerts I have ever had were from scanning an archive drive when it found some old WIndows PUPs. I had an issue with 16 beta in that on Startup the Eset icon would not go into the system tray. After reading an Ubuntu post it recommended installing libappindicator-dev and after that the Eset icon has appeared in the system tray after each start.

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As of the third quarter of 2022 Eset will no longer support their Linux version.

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