Any advice on how to install Zorin on a tablet?

  • Trying to install Zorin on several of my old tablets - Apple and Android, is there a program that allows me to install the same way using a USB to install Zorin on notebook? Appreciate any advice, thanks.

Zorin does not support the arm architecture yet... so mobile and tablets are stuck without for now.

Thanks for answer this, the reason for the question they show on their website tablets, notebooks misleading?

They are working on an arm supported version, but it's not ready yet. There are tablets and phones with x86 architecture (though very rare) so it's only slightly inaccurate. It should be stated on the sight that arm isn't supported, yet.

Yes, it needs to be address, hopefully when version 16 comes out it might be addressed.

Zorin OS can be installed on Mobile devices, tablets etc. I installed it on my old Samsung Galaxy S6.

It is not easy to do, requires a lot of hacks and I highly recommend waiting on Zorin for ARM.
Besides, writing that walkthrough and then answering all the questions on it is not something I have the time or energy to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, will take your advise and wait.