Any alternative removal method for stubborn apps?

I installed Opera-Stable. Didn't like it, used sudo apt-get remove --purge opera-stable. I noticed even just after install it added two icons to the main menu. Anyway, after this, one icon remains. I can even launch opera from it! sudo apt-get remove --purge opera/opera* also doesn't help with it. It feels like malware despite being from the official website, lol. Any way I can remove it for good? I used Main Menu to remove it from the view, but I'd like the files gone, since I don't want them affecting anything. :frowning:

I'd start with Synaptic Package Manager

sudo apt install synaptic

Run Synaptic, then search for Opera
Checkmark any remaining Opera packages and select for Complete Removal. When finished selecting, click apply.


I found nothing. :frowning: I only get operations and operational for other apps.

Can you use the terminal and check:

flatpak list


snap list

and see if Opera is installed as either?

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I have flatpak uninstalled so it didn't work. Snap did!

Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
bare 1.0 5 latest/stable canonicalâś“ base
chromium-ffmpeg 0.1 26 latest/stable canonicalâś“ -
core18 20220309 2344 latest/stable canonicalâś“ base
gnome-3-28-1804 3.28.0-19-g98f9e67.98f9e67 161 latest/stable canonicalâś“ -
gtk-common-themes 0.1-59-g7bca6ae 1519 latest/stable canonicalâś“ -
opera - 171 latest/stable opera-softwareâś“ broken
snapd 2.54.4 15177 latest/stable canonicalâś“ snapd

How to remove Opera from here?


sudo snap remove opera


It's doing its thing. Bless you.

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