Any audio enhancer like Fxsound?

Hi, recently when windows were my main os I've been enjoying the new free Fxsound(old dfx audio enhancer) a lot. I do encourage you if have any access to windows via dual-boot or emulator test it and see how it's so great.

btw in Linux, the only new options I discovered were PulseEffects or easyeffect which are actually great but they lack good quality presets and effects.

I mean if you see in Fxsounds there is a whole bunch of presets for every type of audio and they are actually pretty well doing the exact job even in addition there are some more downloadable from their site or elsewhere.

so anyone knows any presets for them or is it possible to run fx sound via wine to control audio outputs?

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The Linux equivalent I could find was SoundPimp - a proprietary paid for application whose WordPress Website has gone sideways!

Thanks but how should I download or test it

I think the site is either dead or it has been Wordpress hacked!

Just done another search using this search criterion:

There is a page dated this year but I am still getting wordpress errors!

Yes sounds like the whole SoundPimp project is dead.

However, I made a suggestion on fxsound forum, but as the CEO says:

So now I don't think there's gonna be any support from them on this platform unless some big projects like Zorin ask them.

I've seen other links as late as June 2022 - but still get wordpress errors when I click on the link after I searched for it!

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