Any BIOS settings to disable?

Sorry, new to Linux lol just want to make sure I do it right
Is there anything in the BIOS I should disable for the install to go smoothly? I've seen something about disabling Secure Boot, but I need that because I plan to dualboot with Windows 11.

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I don't think there are other settings in the BIOS to disable.
What I will say is disable Fast Startup in Windows as that is likely to cause the computer to only boot Windows.

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Thank you, I'll do that :slight_smile:
By "only boot Windows" do you mean Zorin just won't boot?

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This guide might help assist:

As Zorin is based on Ubuntu you shouldn't have any issues.

Thank you! For the partitioning part, can't i use the one bundled with Zorin? (Install Zorin alongside Windows Boot Manager)

You can, but some members have had issues with allowing Zorin installer to partition the drive.

For your own sanity and to ensure a problem free installation, you would benefit from partitioning the drive yourself.

This may help Partition & Install

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See my thread about dual-booting Windows with Zorin - I put all that stuff together there for a guide.Dual Booting