Any Cons to using AppImages

Anyone here have opinions regarding cons of using appImages?

I have read several of the threads here pertaining to AppImages. My take is there are several pros to using them over Snap or Flatpaks for programs I can't access via apt packages in the Zorin / Ubuntu repositories. I have used them for a few applications so far to avoid using the above and to avoid adding new repositories. Thus far, I am a little wary of adding repositories given that my competency with adding and removing repositories is limited.

So I am just curious if there are disadvantages to AppImages that I should be aware of.

I'm pretty sure when I used AppImages, you don't need to install them to run them, however, I don't get the unique icons that come with the app. That's all I could think about.


Completely agree with @Turtle11 .

The benefits of not having to actually install an app in the traditional sense is fantastic, especially if short on space. They run/function exactly the same.

The only drawback is that (depending on the app) the icon is sometimes missing (in gnome anyway) or doesn't get pick-up by some icon themes, which is the developer's fault. In all, I've had nothing but great experiences with AppImages. They're my 1st choice and always use them if available.


I still prefer DEBs TBH.

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There is an application called AppimageLauncher that will integrate the Appimage onto your Desktop and applications Menus. Works perfectly in Zorin;

and to install;


@George55 Thanks for your AppImage Launcher suggestion. It has been a very nice installation.

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