Any hope for official KDE Plasma in Zorin17?

Is there any hope for an official support for Plasma in Zorin 17?
I only speak for myself, of course, but if support will be added, I'd definitely buy ZOS17Pro, just like I purchased ZOS16Pro (which I don't use anymore, but that's another story, involving KDE, and T2 chips :slight_smile: )


Oh i hope so too, fingers crossed.

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I hope... not.

KDE is quite simply not as simple, straight forward and easy to use as Gnome or XFCE. Increasing complexity leads to steeper learning curve, which leads to a less welcoming user experience.

And I get that people have different preferences, needs and taste for how their own computer should look and feel. I'm not saying it would never work but the two just don't to share the same goals.

KDE and Zorin are slightly similar at the first look.

This channel is focused on KDE in Linux.

Zorin could have it where you can choose which desktop environment to use.

Because KDE is not simple, it would undermine the strengths of Zorin OS, in my opinion.


I'm with @Hackgets on this. KDE is complex and its billion settings and addons, not for newbies, but for Desktop tinkers.


This is the exact phrase that I wanted to say.

Why do I feel like I'm the only one who likes KDE?

It aren't about like KDE or not. It's about what is sensible for new users.

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Oh right.

I love KDE Plasma.
Equally to how much I cannot stand it.

I do not find Plasma D.E. to be complex, complicated, overwhelming or difficult.
I find it to be baffling, disorganized, disjointed and counter-intuitive.

It is not that Plasma has too many settings.
It is that on Plasma, too many settings are redundant and not integrated.

Working with KDE Plasma reminds me a lot of working with a person that doesn't know how to listen.


Speaking of KDE, I watched a video about plasma having features that weren't mentioned.

I am not saying that KDE is bad. However, I think it is hard to make the same kind of improvements to KDE that Zorin OS is making to Gnome and XFCE.

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Don't mean to go into a tangent here but please correct me if I wrong... KDE is the "parent" project and Plasma the desktop environment?

PS: Glad to have you back, Aravisian.

Not the only one, don't worry :slight_smile:

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While I do agree that it'll be hard for Zorin to maintain a KDE edition or integration of sorts, and that it looks scary for newcomers:

  • Zorin is not targeting newcomers only
  • It's actually quite friendly to new users, more so than Gnome I suspect. This I speak from experience, as it was actually Mandrake 7.3 with KDE that made me like Linux :slight_smile:
  • It has great app integration, so so many wonderful Qt apps
  • It's incredibly fast for how much code it relies on

I'd love for KDE install to at least be tested by the devs and the distro set up so that an upgrade will have very little change of breaking the system. Even an official install tutorial with caveats to watch for should suffice. An install script would be better, having KDE as a desktop option for ZOSPro would be great.
Only if possible, of course. I realize the manpower and time required for this addition is not something to be taken lightly.


@Storm you can liked KDE this is your hobby desktops.
Changing, creating to be your preferences.
I remember I tried KDE and that is true many options and many things to configuration that desktop.
I remember also when i remove kde it was not fully removed.

And for that reason, I counter your point. It makes you have to learn, re-think, and takes you out of your comfort zone. A new challenge. Being I use my laptop once a week and that Pro has been so steady (I've always preferred Lite hands down but have been using Pro as my daily driver since 16 came out, it's won me over), I recently installed Kubuntu and wiped out Lite. I'm enjoying it. Learning some more things in the Fun World of Linux. I'm not saying it's better than Lite.
What I'm saying is by using Pro and now also Kubuntu, I've learned more of what Linux has to offer. Opened my mind, so to speak. Also gives me ideas of thing to try when I re-install Lite 17 later this year... (I hope)