Any idea why Pinta can't see my HDD?

Zorin is installed on my SSD. Can it not see NTFS?

How did you install Pinta?

Zorin Store

flat or .deb?

Says snap store.

Anyway, I fixed it. I clicked on it in Software/Installed apps. There was an option to allow removable media that was unclicked so I clicked it.

I don't think I really want to use it. I was mainly curious how to fix this kind of thing.

For one thing, the image adjustments block the image and you can't move them.

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Great Job, finding the solution!
Well Pinta works for me for basic editing like annotating...An advanced software like GIMP is a maze for me.

You can now mark your own post as solution.

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I'm used to Paint Shop Pro 5? (very old, you can find it on the torrents, like 30MBs) and Paint.NET.

I have found Gimp to be pretty easy for light photo editing. Just poke around or goggle it to find basic stuff.


BTW, in Pinta, you also have to click on your user name, not Other Locations.

Also, you can change permissions in the Applications app.

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Gimp is quite powerful, but it takes quite a bit of learning on how to exploit its potential. Photoshop is easier to do this on, but costs a lot more.
Pinta is my Lightweight editor- the latest gtk3 Pinta v2.02 that I am using has really added and improved a lot of features from the older version I have been using up until recently. I mean a LOT of improvement. The images are clearer and the output is.

Maybe a screenshot may help - I am not sure what this means... But I can understand how an editor can have some very annoying quirks.


Open adjust Contrast/Sharpness/etc. The control box will be smack in the middle of the screen and you can't move it. At least I can't.

Oh, I see, the Modal Dialog. Yep. I am annoyed by this, too and this is not a Pinta thing, but a Desktop thing. It's present on Modal Dialogs, regardless of Cinnamon, Gnome or XFCE.
Fortunately, easily fixed (I can move mine.:wink: ).

Thanks! I might use this app now. It also no longer dims the pic, which makes it pretty hard to edit, obviously.

BTW, why are my smileys now doing this? ::

Edit: :smiley: Did in manually.

Pity the file browser doesn't show thumbnails/previews. Kinda kills it.

Edit: I have a workaround. Go to your image folder (ie camera) and select multiple thumbnails, then open all with Pinta.

Then you can quickly edit each and Save.

I might use this!

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One thing I really like about Pinta that many users may not notice: The Save As Dialog picks up where you left off. Most editors do not do this. Gimp, Inkscpae both start at the top of the list. Leaving you to scroll all the way down, sometimes... again and again...
This really only applies to someone doing editing that requires repetition. Theming is one...
But it is a Major Boon when you need it.

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One thing I miss in these basic graphics apps is things like smudge to hide info. You can add it to Paint.Net with a plugin but these plugins are not fully integrated and open in their own window.

HOWEVER, I just realized their are better ways to hide info. You could just draw a selection box over it and hit Delete OR just clone another part of the pic over it, which looks nicer than smudge.

I use the second option. :wink:

Generally, I use GIMP for this. But often, I take some piece of background and then paste it over the area I wish to hide. For example, the google drive sync in nautilus shows my email address.
So, I paste the color of the File Manager Background over that section. Most people probably never notice.

I use most apps half-screen. I just realized you can hide the layers window and drag the image full-width. Yea. No way can you do that with Gimp.

Edit: You can also drag and drop pics from a folder into Pinta. Pretty easy, especially if you are half-screen.

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