Any interest in a guide for this?


I was thinking if there's an interest if I wrote a guide on how to set up a Desktop like this? If so let me know.


I've heard that music before on Youtube and I like it, its pretty, and not completely in your face like some of the music people choose to use on there. So thats the music you should be using for all your guides IMO, excellent choice.

Now, as far as the guide style, that is how many of them do it on Youtube who don't want their voice heard, or speak a different language that its impossible for English speakers to dissern lol. That kind of guide can be useful but......

If you speak good English, you should include your voice, as you take us along in the guide. Don't make the mistake of having the music way louder then your voice like many amateurs do on Youtube. Set the audio volume to just be noticeable.

Make sure the voice volume is loud enough, but don't clip the mic. A professional mic will sound best like a condensor mic, but a headset mic will do as well, it will just sound a bit compressed is all.

If you start making guides like that, well, I'll just have to watch them all won't I. HEHE. See, and this is another reason why I love the Linux community. Helping each other out, one video or post at a time. You won't see that in MS's corner, no sir!

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Do it.
Remember the shy lurkers. :smiley:


I was more thinking the reading word guide. I rarely speak english, so I don't have the feeling for how to pronounce the word correctly.
It only happens once or twice a year that I speak english, and it's when a tourist ask for a specific place in the city I live in :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then by all means, please continue to make guides in the style that you just posted. I prefer to watch a guide then read a guide. If I can watch and follow along, thats a lot like hands on experience.

So please, by all means, continue on fine sir, and guide away, I know I will enjoy them. :sunglasses:


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