Any recommendation for a simple, light GUI program to resize & compress images?

Thats why I write occassional used terminal commands on paper, in a low tech notebook. It's quicker to find them than doing websearches.

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A text file on the computer can also be helpful. It can also be shared to many other devices, allowing portability and use elsewhere if needed.

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I use a better method to help me to memorize long terminal strings.

There are two electrodes connected to two wires that go on each of my wrists. Every time I type the terminal command incorrectly, the operator presses a button giving me a painful shock.
In no time at all, I am able to memorize even the most complex of strings.
Though I admit; I get less than stellar results when I let the cat be the operator instead of a family member.


I'm going to mark this as solved, with mtPaint as the solution. Simple, light, GUI, resizes, compresses. Bonus: crops too.


Does it Batch convert and Batch rename if so I might be interested in taking a look at it ....

Ooooops never mind I see it is only for Widows and not Linux .... at least their website doesn't show a version for Linux ......

It is in the Universe repository:

sudo apt install mtpaint

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Thanks I'll give it a shot .... if it doesn't work for me I can always delete it .... :smile:

I tried it out - it was ok.
It didn't really replace anything GIMP or Pinta offers, or add anything new - for me. So, I have uninstalled it, now.

As far as just a paint apt it looks OK to me but as far as imaging program for me I'll stick with XnView MP ..... but XnView has very little to offer in the way of altering the physical aspect of a photo so I might just keep mtPaint for a bit as Gimp is much to complicated for my brain to comprehend .... :+1: :rofl:

If you mean mtPaint, it's for Linux. I don't know about batch, that's not what I'm looking for.

That's the point :smiley: I want something that subtracts from GIMP. I just want to quickly adjust a few screenshots and screen photos taken doing the things I need to be getting on with (Zorin reinstallation, wifi, Anbox, wine, wechat etc). I don't want to stop everything to have to spend hours learning about GIMP options, shortcuts and .xcf files just to adjust a screenshot.

Now that I've used it a bit more, I realize another feature I'd like is an easy way to blur. In mtPaint the procedure is, well, insane.

So I tried Pinta. After the first blur in an image, the program froze. I had to quit, hitting close in the "Program not responding" box. The second time I opened Pinta, it just disappeared a few seconds after I loaded the screenshot. And again the third time. No idea why it keeps crashing.

Trying again in mtPaint, I see now there is a different "Smudge" tool. Not ideal for large areas but OK for obscuring a few bits of text in screenshots. So mtPaint remains the solution for now.

I really do not understand the penchant for extreme exaggeration that humans like to use just to make a point.

What you just said above is akin to saying, "I do not want to have to stop everything I am doing just to spend hours learning how to use my File Manager." It doesn't take hours, you don't have to stop doing anything and the entire comment is exaggerated to the point of becoming an absurdity.

And now... You have spent a lot of time messing with mtPaint and Pinta and exploring them - that you could have used that time to easily pick up how to Crop (Drag rectangle tool) in GIMP and Export it as a .png file.

GIMP: Select Filters - Select Blur.
Normal Blur softens the image. Gaussian blur allows you to adjust the radius for a more blurry effect. Pixelize allows you to create a pixelated blur. Just choose the effect you want. Click the "ok" button. It even has a preview so you can be sure before committing to it. And if you still don't like it... Click the undo button and it is undone.

I am sorry for being so blunt. But you really are dancing around the tool you really want because you have created a perception based mental block against it.

What 4box sees when he launches Gimp Menu. :smiley: :

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I know how to operate that... and what i don't know I'll figure out... without the MANUAL! :rofl:

Flight simulator?

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That is the flight deck of Space Shuttle Endeavor.


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