Any recommendations for Linux personal finance bank programs

I wish to ask the Zorin community if they have experience recommendations for Linux personal finance bank programs. Especially for those coming from a Quicken user situation?

(We are on Zorin 17 Core, dual booted with Windows 10, just FYI.)

I have seen the posting: Any recommendations for Linux personal finance bank programs,

which shows recommendations for Linux (Zorin):
KMyMoney, HomeBank, MoneyDance.

Successful transitioning from Quicken to such Linux finance program would be super helpful.

P.S., what is the significance of the gray number bubble which is displayed after an external link in someone's post?

The only software that I've used for this purpose is GnuCash. Truth be told, I wasn't exactly impressed by it. Not very intuitive and the interface looked a bit dated. However, it seemed to have a lot of features, enough to satisfy most needs, given enough time to figure out how to use them.

On the other hand, I'm used to spreadsheets. I find them far more intuitive to use and, once setup properly, more effective. They are also more portable, and easier to share, backup, etc. So I might just be too used to my own way of doing things and may not have given this a fair chance. I thought I should at least mention this option.

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There are a few actually, see the list at 14 Best Open Source Accounting Software

Personally I never use any banking apps, particularly if such apps are reliant on internet conbection. GnuCash is an excellent program and allows you to generate invoices. It uses traditional double-entry book-keeping so you need to be familiar with that.