Any way to decrease space b/w taskbar buttons on Zorin OS 16?

Hello folks, this is my first post here on the Zorin OS Forum.
I was wondering whether there is any way to decrease the space between individual taskbar buttons on Zorin OS 16, so as to make them look similar to Quick Launch buttons on Windows Vista. I am a fan of both Windows Vista and Zorin OS and I want to make my Zorin install look as Vista-like as possible.
My desktop currently looks like this:

Thanks in advance!

Can you show a screenshot of the Zorin Appearance window?

click on the first one, the top left.

Isn't that desktop layout the Windows 7-like one? I want to have a Vista-like desktop layout that looks something like this:

Oh, sorry never used Vista :wink: , Used windows 7. Could you try increasing the Taskbar Size.

Did not help either :frowning:
Increasing taskbar size only increases spacing b/w individual buttons

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What is in the action toolbar in zorin appearance

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Windows vista and windows 7 used the same taskbar.

Layout 2 from this post will do Any way to decrease space b/w taskbar buttons on Zorin OS 16? - #4 by 100WCharge


I know it has the same taskbar, but icon distance is different. @Mr.Praneeth2008 you should apply layout 2. And thank you @Michel for helping :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can switch to the Dash to panel extension to have a more customizable layout.

Before installing it disable the Zorin Taskbar extension.

My taskbar icons are very close as you can see here

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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try this.
I'm away from my main Zorin OS system now, I'm typing this from another laptop also running Zorin OS 16.

Edit: Can the start button be changed when we use the Dash to Panel extension?

Yes, you can use another extension called ArcMenu. It's great give it a try.

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Another possible alternative is to install LXDE then install XFCE Panel and Plugins.
I feel the LXDE Panel has more of a Vista feel than XFCE Panel and I could not change the colour of XFCE Panel as it was moaning about Compositor not configured and clicking on Configure did not do anything:

XFCE Vista look:

LXDE Vista look:

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