Any way to install Zorin desktop on arch

I really love the Zorin desktop but I also want to use arch along with it is there any way to do so?

I'm willing to set gnome to 3.38 or the version zorin desktop is compatible with

I did reference this post Install zorin os desktop (extensions, and the layouts app) in arch linux - #10 by carmar

but it didn't say anything about installing zorin-desktop

You would have to add the Zorin repo and use sudo apt install -y zorin-os-desktop in the terminal.

Which is tricky, at best. Arch moves packages differently and while it can be long, I wouldn't hedge bets on how long it runs smoothly before something breaks. Would take a lot of trial and error finding which packages to mark-hold... I really wouldn't advise this.

Library conflicts may cause issues on an arch machine.

This is a questionable course that could cause many issues. Be prepared for that if you continue.

Yes im willing to risk something breaking but

*. how do I do it where do I find the config files?
*. What all packages do I have to install

I use Manjaro GNOME among other distributions including Zorin, Mint’s LMDE, and Tuxedos OS with KDE.

Manjaro’s GNOME has a layout switcher and comes with many extensions already installed and looks nearly identical to Zorin in many respects and with some adjustments/tweaks can be made to look like Zorin. The only difference is the older GNOME 3.38 base on Zorin (based on Ubuntu’s 20.04 LTS) versus Manjaro’s newer GNOME 44.

For me what makes Zorin a solid experience unlike other distributions is the stability and the software center that allows the user to pick from Debian, Ubuntu, Flatpak, and Snap packages in one place. Zorin provides all the necessary tools and they make sure all applications have a consistent look.

The new update utility I think is a game changer making it easy for an in-place upgrade. All they need now is auto-updater functionality like in Mint or Pop!_OS so updates happen automatically and it will be a compelling choice to transition to Linux and just STAY on Zorin instead of jumping around especially for less technically savvy Linux newbies.

Kudos to Zorin. I just hope they can improve their schedule to release closer to when Ubuntu makes an LTS release. Zorin 17 will come out in a few months some 18 or so months after Ubuntu’s 22.04 LTS which just seems like a long time. I get it, their base is not as relevant to how they design their OS but many people don’t use Zorin for that reason not understanding how much better Zorin’s polish can be despite that minor delay.

Looking forward to Zorin 17 in the upcoming months.:+1:

I really must agree with this statement.

The ZorinGroup uses Ubuntu as a base but upgrades some of the packaging within it at times to a newer version.
For example, Zorin OS 16 Lite is based on Xubuntu 20.04 which uses Xfce 4.14. But Zorin OS 16 Lite came with XFCE 4.16.

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