Any way to install Zorin through Windows Subsystem for Linux?

I’ve got the latest Ubuntu installed through the Microsoft Store but I’d really like Zorin instead. Any way to install Zorin through Windows Subsystem for Linux? I’m using Windows 10 ver 1909 with WSL version 2.


Not sure but this link is to install Kali Linux which I assume is not in the.Microsoft store. You should be able to adapt the instructions.

I’ll try and do more research later if this doesn’t work.

Thank you jgordon but for some reason I cannot see the link you posted. Kali Linux is actually in the Microsoft store now. I don’t know that me getting Zorin would really make any difference. WSL only allows you to have access to the Ubuntu distro through the Terminal, it doesn’t have a Ubuntu desktop though there are work arounds to allow you to have a GUI with Ubuntu. I was hoping I could get Zorin in WSL and apply those workarounds to Zorin. Those workarounds are here: - My project and need for a Linux system is to get a MOO server running. Moo stands for Multi Object Oriented. It’s a text based social server that allows people to have virtual worlds as well as create objects in those worlds they can program and manipulate. It’s 20 year old technology at least. I was a Moo user many years ago. Now I want one running so I can integrate it with a Discord server to extend the discord servers functionality. I don’t think I’ll really need anything but the terminal but I figure if I’m gonna have a Linux in WSL I might as well have the best. I have enjoyed Zorin in the past and look forward to using it again though I’m not a power user.

This seems to show installing Fedora manually into WSL.

Sorry, I’ve not had chance to test any of this.

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Please be aware of reported security issue re WSL2:

Thanks Jgordon. I’ll check it out!

I also found this which is an older copy of Zorin installable through WSL and has a GUI desktop environment.

I would expect that since I’m running an entirely different Linux OS through the WSL tool that it would be separate from Windows and would not be connected to the windows firewall anyway. I wonder if since I’m in a Linux OS if i can just use it’s built in firewall or an add on firewall if there is not one built in. Thanks.

You can access the Zorin firewall through Zorin menu -> Settings -> Privacy -> Firewall Configuration.

Zorin firewall = Gufw
More info on that here:

Thanks. I have used Zorin in the past, I should have remembered it had a firewall. I don’t actually have Zorin running yet through WSL 2 but working on it.