Anybody else discover Linux because of the Playstation 3?

I was just thinking about how the "Other OS" mode of the PS3 was what originally introduced me to Linux. This was probably late 2006 or early 2007 for me. Was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience or if I am alone lol

Yellow Dog Linux

Been on Linux as my primary OS ever since :slight_smile:

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I knew of Linux since the early 90's because of movies and brief news mentions. Tried red hat back then, but couldn't even get it installed. The internet was not as helpful in that era.

I explored different possibilities for ps3 media server but ended up using a pc instead. Besides, i couldn't play games if I had done that.

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Pretty sure Yellow Dog Linux around 2006 on the PS3 was the first time I had heard of Linux. I was only 16 or 17 at the time so it took me a little while to wrap my head around it.

I can imagine Linux was probably not great in the 90s lol

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My first experience with Linux was with Lindows (now called Linspire) it was not a good choice for me but it did try diligently to make it work ..... in fact I bought a lifetime membership ....

I just found this which I thought was interesting but haven't checked it out .... anyone tried this ????? .... I currently use Cinnamon DE on my Zorin .....

Linuxfx 10.3 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and has a heavily modified Cinnamon Desktop environment that is designed to look and feel just like Windows 10

Linuxfx does not feel like a very premium product to me personally I have messed around with the Windows 10 and Windows 11 version.

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Interestingly I only discovered about Yellow Dog Linux being able to be installed on a PS3. However, I have known for sometime that Sony uses Linux as its base. I have been sorting out old PC magazines (binning them) and vaguely remember a magazine around late 90's saying how (GNU/)Linux was now easy to install and had a distro on the cover CD but I never dared to try it out. You can read how I was introduced to GNU/Linux in the intro of the unofficial manual I wrote for Zorin 15.

With regard to WindowsFX 10.3, this is now end of life. I installed it on an SSD upgraded Dell Latitude E6500 as Zorin Education kept freezing. When trying to run updates it wanted to install a newer version of Mint. I think it is actually a hybrid of Ubuntu and Mint, in much the same way early versions of FerenOS and Makulu Linux (Lindoz) were.


I've known about its existence for a while and also tried it a little bit when I got a Raspberry Pi, but I've truly experienced it when I saw a friend try it.

Ive been tempted to buy a Pi for years but just never could justify buying one lol

Now Pi's are so overpriced because of resellers there are better alternatives.

Didn't realise. What have you got as a better alternative?

Very good video on the subject

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Linus always has some good stuff ..... while I'm not really into Rasberry Pi .... mainly because I don't know what to do with one .... his review was excellent and even I could understand it .... as to how to use it .... the verdict is still out to lunch .... :+1: :nerd_face: :grinning:

They are primarily to give people an affordable computer and for hobbyists.

I’ve thought about setting up a media server with one to take that work off my primary desktop. But I personally just don’t really do the kinds of projects they are really useful for.

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They kinda remind me of the old Tandy Radio Shack Electronic Kits way back when ..... you could build multi meters .... radios .... and all kinds of goodies .... I sure do miss the ol' TRS they had some very neat stuff ..... I built a transistor radio from one of their kits back in the 70's .....

Do a search of Tandy Radio Shack on the web and you'll see what I mean .... they do have a more modern version now I understand but they don't carry a 1/10 of what the original Texas based company did .....

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While most stuff like that was a little before my time I do appreciate stuff like that tremendously. If you haven’t ever watched the YouTube channel he has tons of videos about stuff from around that era and since. Extremely interesting.

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Libre potato? You can do a media server, game server, your own web server or local repository (git)... so many options. I'd love to do this... now where did I put that invisible money?! And how to make it visible again. Some of my projects really are anti productive


I would say my projects are pretty productive but they take so much of my time lol (which I do not have a lot of haha)

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