Anybody ever mess with the "Windows Classic" interface?

I had actually never really given it a chance but it really is pretty neat in how it works. Looks good and very functional while preserving some screen space. If you have not tried it might be worth a look.

@KittyUZutty brought it to my attention

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That's how I actually prefer it but with the stacked applications, à la Windows 7, to make the taskbar much more concise.

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I’ve been thinking about this a while trying to under exactly what you mean and just can’t. Can you show me?

Maybe stacked is not the right word? I mean this layout where each opened program appears as a single icon, and further instances of it simply "stack" on top of it. The first layout on Zorin Appearance instead of the second.


Got it, I have been bouncing between the 1st one and Stock Gnome.

But I have found I do kinda like the “Windows Classic” as well. It saves some vertical pixels and I like the way it acts and looks.

I've never tried the "Windows Classic" layout before (as I don't have Zorin Pro)
I use the "Windows List" one. Still looks interesting though, I have messed with Windows 95 in the past.

(Windows List still has the default start-menu, but it has the listed appearance at the taskbar.)

When I think of "Classic Windows" I think of this:

Or this:

These are both Linux, btw

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I work with Win 11 and am used to the centered menu , so I setup my Budgie DE on Zorin the in a similar fashion. I don't normally use this theme, wallpaper,and icons. :grinning:

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