Anyone else getting NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID? with websites?

I am not using a VPN. My internet is wifi, and the modem router/internet is through a coaxial cable.

I am also concerned a hacker is trying to hack into my web traffic & accounts/personal data. Maybe its just the browser itself glitching?
Anyone else get this problem? I get this issue with various websites, rarely, it started happening a month ago, has happened to about 6 different legit websites.

haha. Good idea! Didnt even think of that. Thank you. And what ur seeing is only about 25% of my current enabled extensions. And about 10% of all disabled ones. lol.
Yeah, I probably have a malicious extension. Google web store sometimes annoyingly removes the ones i got, telling me it doesnt want to host it anymore because they deem it malicious. Google will ban extensions frivolously too though. Thats why it annoys me. I have some very important & useful browser extensions, but they come from different origins, like unknown google webstore creators, or github,etc.

If I had the time, I'd download all the .crx's of all of them & analyze & read the code. But I dont have the time currently. Sometimes I've caught the extensions doing weird stuff, like them phoning home to a suspicious IP address or server URL, not sure why, sometimes this is harmless as its merely a way for the extension to remain up to date, or report back bugs,

or I've caught it trying to reroute my search engine results through bing rewards which is weird/perplexing, etc.

Just to be clear, it may not be an extension at all thats causing the certification handshake tampering/disruption. So everyone, please feel free to speculate other explanations or help me try to solve this problem.


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I mean, installing random stuff from the internet is a classic tactic to get nasty stuff in your machine. You've also caught extensions intercepting your traffic when they are not supposed to... that alone is pretty much the whole point of HTTPS in the first place: guarantee the identity of the domain you're visiting.

Since you mention this doesn't seem to happen consistently, it's very difficult to pin point the root cause though. I would suggest using another browser for a while if you can and keep an eye on it to see if it happens again.

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You might try running

sudo apt install --reinstall ca-certificates

reboot and test.


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