Anyone else having trouble with

It's been almost two days where I can't get in, anyone else experience the same problem as me?

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Hi Storm,
No, it is working for me.

Strange... it takes like 30 secunds form me to get access to the site and another 30 secs. for every navigating on the site.

Yesterday It was down. Not only this, was also down. All these related sites were down (22 hours before this reply). Now it seems to be working fine.


You are right!
I could connect immediately (perhaps because of the cache) but navigating within the site is at snail speed :snail:

It seems the problem is on the server side, not our machines.

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For me, the both sites are extremely slow. Especially, KDE store is impossible to navigate. I am accessing from Europe. I wonder what is going on.

KED store returned this error message:

Error 524

Ray ID: 65e2147d8ad8f3ff • 2021-06-12 09:33:51 UTC

A timeout occurred

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From developer console after a hard refresh it takes about 15 seconds to load completely.

@FrenchPress KDE store is up for me.

It is now working albeit veeeeery sloooow :turtle:

Oh well. I'm going back to gaming some more Pathfinder: Kingmaker and hopefully it will be up and running soon.

/me fire up Steam

I am noticing strange little outages all over the place. Not just opendesktop (Pling, gnome-look, kde-look group, etc.) From regional networks to webpages, something is up.

I went ahead and did a check on solar weather and did spot that there were several rather large coronal mass ejections from the Sun starting May 31st.

Or that we are under the cyber attack? :nerd_face:
Cui bono? :female_detective:

Uh... I don't know- Are we?

These might be interesting sites to check. seems to be down still down? Current problems and status. (

so is down? Current problems and status. (

Both seem to be back up now.

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Seems to be down the whole day (and night) again.

Wonder if this has anything to do with it: Latest security news - #11 by zabadabadoo

It seems that it's only that is down. Pling is working.