Anyone have any experiances with XDM?

There doesn't really seem to be a proper thread area for general chat on linux in general so my apologises if feedback isn't the right section.

I was wondering if anyone has had any feedback on the Xtreme Download Manager also known as XDM it is open source and has a github page but I'm sceptical with non flatpak / distro repository applications

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I used it when i first started using Zorin Pro but it didn't work so well for me .... it seemed to interfere with other programs ..... it came highly recommended too as the replacement to my favorite Win app Internet Download Manager (IDM).... so I deleted it and just recently downloaded Free Download Manager .... it seems to work well but Vivaldi still seems to download most of my material .... which is no big deal for me .....

I use it to download streamed videos which are hard to find. I keep them in the cloud so if the corporation which is small removes the service I still have the footage :grin:

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