Anyone installed ZorinOS 16 on a cloud desktop environment?

I've been using a Debian 10 desktop environment hosted on a Linode cloud server and accessed via Apache Guacamole but it's no fun. I am looking for something persistent unlike onworks[dot]net where I can run Zorin in the cloud. Thanks.

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I have not. I had never heard of onworks, though... So I took the liberty of checking it out. Fascinating and useful for certain testing or checking things... Not so good for any real usage, though.

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I use it on my job to test IP authentication rules from outside my IP. Also and

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This is something that I never heard of being done before. And I can tell you right now, I would never consider a cloud service secure enough for being used to run an operating system that I would connect to as a thin client.

The use case that you are describing is extremely niche, and I just don't see it happening. Google tried to do this whole thing for gamers with Stadia. But they had severe latency issues that they could not fix, and just gave up after spending 3-billion dollars in the initial infrastructure.

When corporations have money to burn, losing 3-billion is like loosing a 1-cent penny to us.

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OK. I am just using it to learn. I wonder about Windows 365 Cloud PC.

You can stop wondering and stay away. Trust nothing that comes from Microsoft, Apple, Google, or Amazon. None of them are here for you, they are here for themselves.

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Eveything in a cloud / stored on the internet can be viewed by people who designed the software. So everything you save, they have access to it. Why do you think companies are doing this ? So they get all the data and not parts.

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Thats exactly right Michel!

I never did trust the cloud when I first heard of Yahoo cloud. Imagine all those people who were stupid enough to put all their family photo's in the cloud.

I tell ya, one of these days something really bad is going to happen on a large scale, weather thats government interference, or Skynet with all that is going on with AI these days. But something is going to happen with all this cloud based garbage.

Far too many people in this country put so much trust into companies and products they don't even know. One of these days, its going to bite people in the butt. I dont' trust cloud services, I don't trust the new Amazon Astro robot.

I don't trust Microsoft Windows. When are people going to wake up?

People needs alternatives and things that work in windows get happen in linux. For gaming (like i do sometimes) linux is a very good alternative. I waited till linux got better, now it's a good time to switch.


On my ZorinOS 16 device only MSEdge Beta is able to easily create desktop icons for PWAs. So, that's something. :slightly_smiling_face:

You have to generate and send a code on shells[dot]com for support to get access to your instance.

Sure are a lot of options our there tho

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