Anyone used a PC based oscilloscope within Zorin?

I sometimes use an oscilloscope, its from the 1970s and is getting a little long in the tooth.

I fancy giving one of the cheap PC based oscilloscopes a try.
Has anyone tried this within Zorin please?

I have used xoscope on my mechanical analyzer.

sudo apt install xoscope

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There might be quite a few little programs for that in the software store. I suppose you want to feed an audio file through it and see the waveform in realtime?
You could also install REAPER ( and use the bundled plugins to even create tones and noise and then feed it through an oscilloscope on th same audio track.

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It isnt for audio use, more for things like synchronous motor drivers and electromechanical use.

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Thanks i will check it out.

I had a look at xoscope, not what I want it seems to be for low level stuff and there is no way of interfacing it physically with test leads, ie no BNC.

If anyone's interested I looked at a few usb types, if I had to choose one it would be a Picoscope 2204A

I have decided to get another proper scope for the simple reason all the usb type scopes only accept small input voltages, Im used to 400V input max and use an attenuator when working on 415V stuff. If I got a usb scope it would go bang the first time I made a mistake with voltage/probe selection.

I think the Picoscope I linked to is an excellent product for other uses and tbh I may get one to have a play with ,it has a very good Linux driver and support community.

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