Anyway to set up audio as with the Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3?

Hello everyone.
This is my first forum post on the Zorin OS and first time linux OS user.
So i have a Alienware 13 R2 notebook that comes with a "Realtek ALC 3234" audio controller with the sound blaster x-fi mb3 software.

My audio is currently working but not as intended (as it used to do anyway), the x-fi mb3 software was really good to configure the way music and games sounded and now without this software running everything sounds muted and dull.

is there a way to control how the sound performs??
The software was available after installing the drivers (for windows) so i dont know if it is possible to run it in linux.

I see the controller at alsamixer in the terminal.

i'm sorry if this post seems out of place, i'm not really sure how to aproach this subject.
Thx anyway.

Have you installed the open source driver?

Link to .deb Self-Installer:

Double click the file to run the installer. Though... I would recommend using gdebi, instead:

sudo apt install gdebi

then, right click your downloaded .deb file and open with Gdebi. You can also select it to open as default with Gdebi for that file type in future.

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i downloaded the .deb installer.
I got a warning and it says: "A later version is available in software channel"
Should i search for a updated version of OSS?

I tried installing anyway and got an error, now trying to run it again shows this:

and just a question, if ALSA comes with Zorin OS should i need the OSS anyway? as i've had read that many times ALSA performs better than OSS.

Are you using Zorin OS 16? The package I linked should be the Ubuntu 20.04 version...
Why is it talking about Gksudo? That is deprecated.

I would recommend the later version offered... But you may be right about Alsa, too. I am throwing out an idea, not a tested and Vetted Solution.

Take a look at this askubuntu thread:

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