Apache Open Office and Libre

Is it possible to run both Apache Open Office and Libre in Zorin? I have seen some posts that you cannot have both with Zorin.

If not, are there any other free word processing software packages for Zorin that would be compatible with Libre?

I find Free Office from Softmaker.com useful at times and it will install alongside Libre Office. If you go to their webpage you can download it. I’ve never had difficulty installing it. But they will try to sell you their paid version.

Which posts were these? According to the links provided by Aravisian, there doesn’t seem to be any problem.

@carmar, Maybe it was this post that implies that you cant have Apache Office and Libre Office installed. Can @Aravisian maybe clarify. I for one am interested to know.

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What is different from Apache Open Office with LibreOffice?
I think it’s enough to have just one of them. I don’t know much Apache Open office. I’ve never used it.