App "Barrier" was I hacked?

I am trying to verify certain apps that are Zorin related/supported. I noticed an app named Barrier. Is that legit? Meaning would that been loaded with Zorin OS. Because I know I didn't install it. Anyone please advise... Thanks TD

Hi, and welcome!

Which version of ZorinOS have you installed? Barrier comes installed by default on ZorinOS 16 but, apparently, not on ZorinOS 17.

Is this the one?

sudo apt search barrier

barrier/focal 2.3.2+dfsg-1build1 amd64
  Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard over the network

If it is, you can issue the search command above, and it will show [installed].

If you don't want it:
sudo apt purge barrier
Look through the list of dependencies that will be uninstalled with that... if it lists anything that has 'Zorin' in it, do not uninstall Barrier, as it will likely bork your Linux installation.

That said, Barrier is not installed on my Zorin OS 16.3 Core machine.

That's a legitimate app shipped with Zorin OS 16 and 17 Pro.

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Ah, of course. I haven't yet recovered from the holidays so I haven't purchased Z17 just yet so that explains why I don't have it, but it's there for Z16.

thank you for a straight answer

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