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I've been having problems with app deletions since I've used Zorin 16 lite. The launcher continues to appear in the Zorin menu, which, of course does nothing when I click It since I deleted the app. Can someone tell me how to completely remove those ?

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Please tell the software name so someone can provide the command to remove the residuals that are still making the icon to appear.

It's happened on every app I've deleted : Audacity, Discord or Inkscape for examples.
Is there a universal command for any apps ?

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When you remove (uninstall) an application; the .desktop file will be removed which references it for the app menu if it was installed by APT.

On each of these apps, did you install them as Flatpak, Snap or from APT?

When you say

How did you delete the app? How did you uninstall the app?

Try the Main Menu editor - uncheck, or remove the ones not installed anymore. This is with my Mint machine as well - especially with Wine links. Wine links can be deleted from '/home/user/.local/share/applications' or '.../applications/wine'. But, pretty sure I know what you mean - uninstalled an app, and the icon for the launcher is still in the apps menu; correct? Sometimes the menu will refresh when you log out / in, or reboot. But, sometimes there are those ones that like to stick on the sides of the bowl :joy: Sounds about like what I had going on, easy fix!

I did uninstall my apps through my software catalogue and I installed them as snap
What does it change ?

This is what I did at first and it didn't work

Did you log out / in or reboot after using the menu editor?

When you uninstalled, after uninstalling - did you run sudo apt autoremove? DO have to watch using that as it can remove things you don't want.

/usr/share/applications/ and ~/.local/share/applications/ hold your .desktop files. To see if these are still hanging around, ls -la /usr/share/applications/ | grep -i 'ark' andls -la ~/.local/share/applications/ | grep -i 'ark' and remove the ones you don't want or need. Aaaand to update the menu sudo xdg-desktop-menu forceupdate --mode system

I recommend just reinstalling those snaps.
Then open a terminal and run sudo snap remove --purge on that package name.

For example:

sudo snap remove --purge audacity

sudo snap remove --purge discord

sudo snap remove --purge inkscape

You can cluster apps together separated by a space:

sudo snap remove --purge audacity discord inkscape

I realize that this is a bit tedious and I honestly do not know why Snap Is being... a bit spastic...
But you might try

sudo apt install --reinstall snapd

and see if that corrects its misbehavior.

For the record: removing software should also remove it's desktop reference file for the App menu. What you are experiencing is a glitch, not a feature.

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Thank you so much for your replies, everything worked fine :sweat_smile:

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